Sunder Nagar


Sunder Nagar: As the name suggest Sunder Nagar is beautiful town in the famous valley of Himachal Pradesh Bahl Valley. Sunder Nagar has many importance in the whole district for example Dental College, Polytechnic College, Engineer College, BBMB Office and many more. It is Situated at the end of valley at an altitude of 1150 meters.


The biggest hydro-electric project in all Asia, the Beas-Sutlej project, irrigating nearly one-fourth of the northern plains of India,has brought unprecedented prosperity to Sudernagar. The Beas-Sutlej link colony is the biggest colony in Himachal Pradesh.

Sunder Nagar is easily accessible from any part of state. It is on NH 21 25 KM from Mandi and 175 KM from Chandigarh.

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