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Lokmitra Kendra in Mandi District

The Common Service Center (CSC) scheme popularly known as Lokmitra Kendra project in Himachal Pradesh aims to establish 3366 e-Governance centres at Panchayat level in the state. The scheme, as approved by the Government...

Traffic Signs and Road Markings

Traffic signs and road markings are silent speakers to the road users. Every road user should know the marking and signs on the road and the meaning thereof. Many different traffic signs are to be...

HP GK – Custom and Manners

Naming Ceremony in Himachal Pradesh MURA (Gur or Parched Rice or Wheat Grains ) is distributed in the naming ceremony. Among the KOLIS, the boys are often named after the day or month. e.g. Manglu for...

HP GK -Historical Monuments,Towns,Princely States

Place/Monument/Inscription Founder District Tank Sanghbhana Bijai Chand Bilaspur Rang Mahal Bijai Chand Bilaspur Hundur Fort Kalyan Chand Bilaspur Chhatipur Fort Sansar Chand Bilaspur Jagat Khana Swarghat Hira Chand Bilaspur Maukot Fort Saleem Shah Sur Kangra Nagarkot Fort Susharma Chandra Kangra Targarh Fort Jagat Singh Kangra Shahpur Fort Bhaktmal Kangra Nadda Mahal Umed Singh Chamba Chamba Rang Mahal Umed Singh Chamba Loh Tikri Stone Inscription Jasata Verman Chamba Dibrokothi and Saichu Nala Inscription Lalita Verman Chamba Kamla...

HP GK – Famous Fairs and Festivals

Mandi: Fair/Festivals Location Special Feature Shivratri Fair Mandi Started by Raja Ajbar Sen Chaichu Fair Pandoh Begins on 13th April every year Nalwari Fair Karsog - Tseeshu Fair Mandi It is a Buddhist Festival to celebrate the birthday of Padmasambhava, a buddhist spiritual leader Bilaspur: Fair/Festivals Location Special Feature Nalwari Bilaspur A Cattle fair. W.Goldstein started...

HP GK – Famous Temples

Mandi: Temples Location Special Feature Shikari Devi Temple Janjehli (Saraj) Devoted to Goddess Shikari Devi Parashar Temple Prashar(Mandi) Built by Raja Ban Sen Mahoonag temple Karsog – Bhootnath Temple Mandi Built by Raja Ajbar Sen.Devoted to Ardhanarishwara Madho Rai Temple Mandi – Tarna Devi Temple Tarna Hills Built by Raja Shyam Sen   Chamba:   Temples Location Special Feature Chhatrari Temple/Shakti Devi...

NITI Aayog

NITI Aayog The 65 year old Planning commission was on 1st Jan 2015 replaced by a new body, NITI (National Institution for transforming India) Aayog, which server as a policy think – thank for the...

Understanding the inflation and its impact

INFLATION It refers to continuous rise in the price of goods and service. Inflation reduces the purchasing capacity of the currency of the country. It also affects our saving adversely. Inflation affects the poor’s the most....

Rural Development

RURAL DEVELOPMENT: STILL A LONG WAY TO GO Socio –economic structure of India can be observed from the fact that the majority of the country’s population depends on agriculture for their livelihood. According to census...

Stretching Workouts To Gain Height

These days folks are extremely conscious of their physical look and need to look perfect from head to toe. There are some who look for ways to gain more height so as to feel...

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