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Joginder Nagar: sub division in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, is a well know place in himachal, this town is famous for its 1st hydro Power station at Shannan in Himachal made by British and Last Railway station of of Narrow gauge train from Pathankot. Train reach Joginer Nagar in 1930.

Joginder Nagar shopping center, Mandi District

Joginder Nagar is a very beautiful town at a distance of 56 km from distt head quarter Mandi, situated on the NH-20 Mandi Pathankot National Highway. Joginder Nagar is the only town in Asia to have 3 hydro-electric power stations, and hence it is popularly known as The Electric City or The City of Powerhouses.

Joginder Nagar, a small Town situated in Dhauladhar Range of Himalayas, allow you to discover unimaginable beauty. Once you have absorbed the stunning sights of the town, get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

Today’s Joginder Nagar has almost every facilities to its residence, All Major govt offices are situated here like, SDM office, Tehsil, Civil Hospital, Govt Colleges. Frequent bus services are available from here to all major stations of Himachal and other states. As it lies in the foot hill of Dhauladhar range so weather here are cool throughout the year with heavy rain in the rainy season. Jogindernagar lies at 1200 (app) meter above sea level.

Northern Railway Nagrota-Joginder Nagar

Joginder Nagar Railway

Joginder Nagar, the last station of Himalayan Toy Train from Pathankot. You can enjoy your trip by train which goes down from Joginder Nagar to Pathankot through beautiful valley of Kangra. This railway station was created by the british govt. when our country under the brititsh govt. Purpose of this railway station to import or export the raw material for the Shannan power house. But after the independence of the india this railway station has been converted to the passenger railway station by the LAL BAHADUR SHASHTRI (MINISTER FOR RAILWAY AND TRANSPORT) in Thursday, 15th April 1954.

Peoples of the town are majorly govt employees or engaged in local business. Literacy rate here are above state literacy rate.

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