Effect of Petroleum Hike and Inflation


Petrol Rate Hike

Union govt. of India hike the rate of petrol from 24 May, 2012 00.00 AM. This time the hike in price is INR 7.50/- App. which shut the mouth of all Indian peoples as hike this time is more then ever made hike in one time.
“The price of the petrol has increased so much that forget to think about a four wheeler even two wheeler is now becoming unaffordable. The middle class is suffering very badly from this”.
The government says petrol is a deregulated commodity. “The decision has been taken said Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee last evening. The petrol price hike had been pending for months now but had been stalled due to pressure from UPA allies, state election and the Parliament session.
Opposition parties said they start nation-wide bandh on May 31. Is such bandh provide the relief from this, ans is no but in India this the best way to exhaust the frustration and forgot everything after that, peoples here did not tried to go and think deeply about various issues including current one why the chosen Govt. always rape common people and said “Aam Admin Ki Sarkar” this type of slogan are the direct slap to all peoples. Govt said “India is growing as we have fastest growing economy of the world”, all such statements are just show – off. Ground reality is even more burst.

Indian currency continuous digging and yesterday it reaches INR 56.23 per dollar. Why politician always think toward the growth of them self and their relative. Corruption and bad policies of Indian Govt from past 50 years continuously eating India. We peoples still do nothing. If any one tried to fight against such issues not even peoples in power but also other peoples criticize there effort, and end result is nothing.

Why this hike ? Everyone has the same question— why this petrol hike, is there no other alternate for govt. ?Inflation also touches the sky what about it?
There are many other issues like Black Money, Corruption, and count your self may I know few.

Let’s see how goat(not camel) survived in desert !

Author: Balwant Singh

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