Jachh Village Jauni Valley Gohar Mandi Himachal Pradesh

Jachh Village Jauni Valley Mandi HP

Jachh(Distt Mandi): Nature bless Jachh and surrounding area with unmatched beauty. Nearly 47 KM from Mandi City via Nerchowk, Chailchowk on the road toward Janjehli, diversion road 5 KM from Chailchowk – Janjehli road to Jahal and Jachh near Koot, next journey on the way toward Jachh gives you the best feeling and cool bridge blowing between pine forest.

Jachh village Mandi

View of Jachh village Mandi

This area lies in the pir-panjal range of Himalayas and have cool climate all throughout the year, winter is harassing due to intense cold wave and snow fall. The whole valley is very fertile and suitable for potato (Pahari Alu), Green Peas (Matar).

Jachh Mandi Valley

Valley View from PHC Jachh Mandi

Tourism In Jacch:The valley has vast scope for tourism but still unknown to the outside world. The clam and peace in the area and beautiful songs by wild birds provides internal charm if I give a name Silent Valley to this place will justify its heavenwards. As per my experience, this valley is comparable much better then famous tourist places of Himachal Pradesh.

Step Farming -Jachh Mandi Valley

Step Farming in the valley- Jachh Mandi

Scope of Trekking: Jachh and Jahal become the best starting points to trek in the wild Himalayas. Currently two trek routs are available from Jahal 6 KM from Jachh, one is Jahal – Devidarh – Shikari Devi the other one is Jachh-Jahal-Kamrunaag Lake both the routs are adventurous and through the wild of Himalayas. The details of these treks will be given the in future articles keep visiting the disttmandi.com for stories.

Winter-Jachh Mandi Valley

Winter- Jachh Mandi

Quick Info:
Distance: Mandi: 47KM (App.)
Sundernagar: 40KM (App.)
Janjehli: 59 KM (App.)
Chailchowk: 18 KM (App.)
Where to Stay- available hotels/Rest House/Gust House
Chailchowk, Mandi, Gohar, Sundernagar
Altitude: 1800 M (app.)
Best Time to Visit: April to July.

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