Factual information of Ghodipadhar village

Village Name Ghodipadhar
Post Office Upper Behli
Tehsil Sundernagar
District Mandi
Pin Code 175018
Panchayat/Municipality Palahota
Subdivision Name Sundernagar
State Himachal Pradesh
Road Connectivity Yes
Distance from nearest Town(Main bus stand) 7 Km from Sundernagar

Available facilities at Ghodipadhar

  • Middle School Palahota
  • Dispensary
  • Animal Dispensary

Major attraction at Ghodipadhar

  • Base Hateshwari Temple
  • Palahota Gurudwara

Where to stay?

Brief information of village Ghodipadhar

This village is located on the left bank of Beas Nehar and about 5 km from Dhanotu to the side of Baggi. Most of the families in the village are farmers. village is located in the last corner of the panchayat. we can see beautiful crops cultivated in the fields by the farmers..

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