HP General Knowledge MCQ Part-4


Q 1. The main religion of People of Lahul Spiti?
(A) Hinduism
(B) Christian
(C) Buddhism
(D) None of these

Q 2. Who is the chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh?
(A) Kurian Joseph
(B) Mansoor Ahmad Mir
(C) Rajeev Bindal
(D) None of these

Q 3. When was the first General Election held in Himachal Pradesh?
(A) 1953
(B) 1954
(C) 1952
(D) 1951

Q 4. The old name of Ravi river is –
(A) Ravati
(B) Ramani
(C) Kalindi
(D) Iravati

Q 5. Which of the following districts is the biggest in area wise?
(A) Shimla
(B) Una
(C) Lahaul Spiti
(D) Palampur

Q 6. On which river ‘Bhakra Dam’ Project is located?
(A) Satluj
(B) Ganga
(C) Ravi
(D) Beas

Q 7. Which was the first Capital of Nurpur State?
(A) Niyajpur
(B) Trigarta
(C) Pathankot
(D) Shahpur

Q 8. When was the battle of Bhagini fought?
(A) 1586 A.D.
(B) 1686 A.D.
(C) 1786 A.D.
(D) 1886 A.D.

Q 9. The battle of Bhangini was fought between—
(A) Guru Gobind Singh and Sansar Chand
(B) Sikhs and Chander Bhan
(C) Ishwar Sen and Sikhs
(D) Guru Gobind Singh and Raja Bhi Chand of Bilaspur

Q 10. When was Gandhi Ji visited Shimla?
(A) 1916
(B) 1917
(C) 1918
(D) 1921

Q 11. Gandhi ji Visited Shimla and he stayed at—
(A) Peterhaff
(B) Chauki
(C) Shanti Kutir
(D) None of these

Q 12. Who was the Great General of Ranjit Singh King?
(A) Hari Singh Nalwa
(B) Gorkhas
(C) Bhagat Singh
(D) None of these

Q 13. The book ‘Country Life’ written by—
(A) M. Pallis
(B) U.S. Kumar
(C) Nora Richard
(D) None of the above

Q 14. The book ‘H.P. Area and Languages’ written by—
(A) Shanta Kumar
(B) Dr. Y. S. Parmar
(C) Hari Ram Jasta
(D) None of these

Q 15. Which is the State Bird of Himachal Pradesh?
(A) Sparrow
(B) Jujurana
(C) Peacock
(D) None of these

Q 16. Who is first deputy speaker of H.P?
(A) Sh.K.Chander
(B) Sh.S.Malhotra
(C) Sh.Vidya Dhar
(D) None of the above

Q 17. Solan lies midway between?
(A) Chandigarh Delhi
(B) Kalka Shimla
(C) Nangal Chandigarh
(D) None of the above

Q 18. Ganesh temple in Bharmour is built by?
(A) Meru verma
(B) Batloo
(C) Ajay verma
(D) None

Q 19. Which state is to the south of Himachal Pradesh?
(A) Bihar
(B) Haryana
(C) Sikkim
(D) West Bengal

Q 20. When were many areas of Punjab merged with Himachal Pradesh?
(A) 1950
(B) 1952
(C) 1966
(D) 1968

Q1 = (C) | Q2 = (B) | Q3 = (C) | Q4 = (D) | Q5 = (C) | Q6 = (A) | Q7 = (C) | Q8 = (B) | Q9 = (D) | Q10 = (D) | Q11 = (C) | Q12 = (A) | Q13 = (C) | Q14 = (B) | Q15 = (B) | Q16 = (A) | Q17 = (B) | Q18 = (A) | Q19 = (B) | Q20 = (C)

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