Rewalsar Lake is crying – Save Rewalsar Lake



Rewalsar lake in Mandi distt is famous tourist destination and religious center for Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist, but the lake is crying for its care, nobody are there for the betterment of the lake and surrounding area, pollution limits crosses all the limits and still people are continuously harming nature.

The condition worsening day by day and no one either local people, govt. agencies and NGO stand for nature and specially Rewalsar Lake, fishes dying everyday water of the lake become poisonous because of over feeding and non available of water exit.

Where is the floating Islets now, they all vanish due to human interference with nature?

Reasons of high level of pollution in Rewalsar Lake

  • Untreated sewerage inflow into the lake water
  • Destruction of natural water sources feeding lake water
  • Heavy feeding of fishes with food items e.g. flour mill (Atta)
  • Destruction of habitat in catchment area.
  • Unplanned construction in lake’s catchment area.
  • littering with garbage on lake side.
  • And many other reasons for doomed condition of lake and nature.


Possible cause of fishes death

  • Over crowded fishes
  • Heavy feeding with food items specially flour mill (Atta)
  • Lack of oxygen and stagnate water
  • Polluted water of the lake

It is the duty of every citizen to save natural resources, so we have to take the pledge that we will never feed fishes even in the name of religion not allow other to do the same, also never litter any garbage or any kind of pollution which harm Rewalsar lake. Nature give everything to us but we demolish all natural resources


I personally saw the condition of the lake few days back, it was very pain full to see how a clean water lake become so dirty and heavily polluted, still people are feeding fish for their good future, so many religious practices started in the ground maintained for visitor who also responsible for the pollution in the lake and surrounding, they are earning money and destroying nature.

You can see some local ladies selling food items which will be used to feed fishes by the people. These all things are so bad for nature and think how could a god will be happy if you are destroying nature’s creation.

There are no inspection of all these wrong doing happening in the vicinity of lake, we should be strict in term of law and order so that nature must be protected from pollution and man’s activity.

As per my opinion if we put following rules and strict order in place we can bring back the Rewalsar lake to its original charm in few years.

  • Strict ban on fish feeding, for violation there should be heavy fine and jail terms.
  • Installation of CCTV cameras along with posting policeman on every side to watch activity of people.
  • Ban on bath in the lake.
  • There should be garbage containers.
  • Proper management of inflow and outflow of water from the lake.
  • sewerage and rain water inflow should be restricted into the lake.
  • Fish population should be controlled.
  • Regular cleaning and water treatment of lake to ensure the contamination level.
  • Lake park should be properly maintained.

Rewalsar can become good travel destination if govt take good steps for the beautification of whole area, maintain the ZOO again and create some park to attract tourist, boating will be another option. All these things are add-on the main attraction is lake so lake must be healthy, so first of all lake need more attention, we must preserve nature.

I am hoping people will awake and puts hand together to save Rewalsar lake, and next generation will also see a Lake !

Author: Balwant Singh ‘Neeb’

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