Safety tips while using ATM


Safety tips while using ATM :



Keeping in mind the safety of your hard earned money, here are the tips to protect it from
fraudsters while using an ATM:

1. Do not write the PIN on mobile or on paper and put it in pocket along with card. Generally ATM pin is of four digits so memorize it, it not that hard.


2. Do not share the card details or PIN with anyone, its risky ! Your wife is exempted in this case ;).


3. Check if any body not monitoring you while entering the PIN in ATM machine. You can stand close to the ATM and use your body or hands to shield the keypad.


4. Do not take help from strangers when using an ATM. Ask the guard or bank helper present in the ATM cabin.


5. Ensure if you have taken your card and pressed the ‘Cancel’ key before leaving the ATM.


6. In case of ATM card stolen or lost, immediately call the card-issuing bank customer care for blocking of the same.


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