Randhara Village Mandi HP


Factual information of Randhara village

Village Name Randhara
Post Office Randhara
Tehsil Sadar
District Mandi
Pin Code  175001
Panchayat/Municipality Randhara
Subdivision Name Mandi
State Himachal Pradesh
Road Connectivity Yes
Distance from nearest Town(Main bus stand) 11 KM

Available facilities at Randhara

  • GSSS Randhara
  • Lokmitra Kendra
  • Primary Health Center, Veterinary Dispensary
  • Himachal Gramin Bank
  • BSNL Exchange, HP PWD & Electricity Board

Major attraction at Randhara

  • Hill View
  • Agriculture fields

Where to stay?

Randhara at a distance of 11 KM from Mandi on the way to Rewalsar, a tourist place of Himachal Pradesh in Mandi district. Situated at an average height of 1050 meter altitude in the uppar Balh Valley and between two Small river’s namely Ratti Khad and Gambhar Khad tributary of River Beas.The approximate population of village is 1500 to 2000 person. The literacy rate will be higher than the state literacy rate.
Randhara experience very good weather all over the year,heavy Rainfall in the July-Sept and extreme cold condition in Dec-January.

Most of the peoples of the village are farmers or self employed, village is surrounded by Gajnoha, Rughawanu, Banayat, Mandlog, Alathu, Parri. Need of PHC is raised by the villagers time to time. Most of the villagers are engaged in farming and cattle works.

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