Peoples vs Politician choice for Indian President


Election of President In India

India is waiting for its 13th president which will take charge after July probably. Indian peoples and politician have different choices for this prestigious and highest post in India.

president election becomes political drama these day for ruling and opposition parties, to showcase there strength. Below is the summery of peoples, politician reaction from March to till date.

Political Parties Views :

1. Congress & UPA : Congress declared Pranab Mukherjee as its candidate for this prestigious post and also ask other parties to support him for this post.
2. BJP & NDA : They did not open their card till date weather they support Pranab Mukherjee or declared some one else, as per there BJP Core team meeting last evening they may support P A Sangma (Ex NCP President). Ram Jaith Malani also create sensation by declaring himself as candidate for this post and also said that he did not want Pranav as President.
3. Other Parties : Left parties will take decision after their meeting on June 21, SP & BSP give sign to support UPA candidate while TMC’s Mamta strongly denied UPA candidate and want Mr. Kalam to be president again. Some regional parties like AIADMK and BJD may support Sangma.

Lots of drama will comes in the next few days when NDA and TMC open there cards. All the parties are messing up and tries to make this election a dirty picture.

Indian Peoples Views :

Beside politician game show Indian peoples now thinking to teach a lesson to these few decision makers (politician) who forget Indian after wining the election and did not even listen to their view, they only need vote and has the mentality that they are the brilliant mind and what they decide is the best.

Most of the young Indian has the same voice regarding candidate for president, they only want Mr. Kalam to be next president.
Some peoples even says that why we have president post even he has no right to make decision about country, he only waste money of Indian be making trips to foreign nations, various facilities and a place like house, govt. has all the power, president just enjoy his 5 year term, making presence in function and parties. This is such a waste of lots of money. Why we did not change our constitution regarding such useless post.

Reaction about UPA candidate : Peoples has different view regarding UPA candidate, UPA realize that they did not going to win next common election so puting Pranab as President will has impact on next govt. Pranab has good tract record of resolving issues in critical situation for congress, he is also very close to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, who actually running Indian govt.
Apart from these analysis Mr. Kalam is the Peoples Choice and Pranab is UPA choice and Sangma also tries to make it happen with the support form some regional parties.

Ye Mera India !
Authors : Balwant Singh

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