India is a country where cricket is a religion, which binds peoples of different religion into one unit. In India it is said that “Cricket is our religion and Sachin is God of Cricket”. Which is very true to some extent and people of this country are mad for cricket.

IPL was the example of that which was played since last 2 month and finally ended on 27thMay2012 .But question is that “Is IPL truly reflecting our cricket loving spirit”?

Indian Premier League (IPL) was started in 2008 to provide a platform for domestic cricketer to play with world class player, who hardly get any chance to play in national team (Team INDIA).But as this tournament progressing year by years it’s entering into new controversy. Started with Lalit Modi (IPL commissioner, who has to resign later on), Shashi Tharoor (he has to resign from Union cabinet).

IPL 2012 was involved in new controversy both on the ground and outside the ground.IPL was on the news for match fixing, a foreign player (RCB player) allegedly involved in a molestation case and Team owners (SRK, Jr. Mallaya) involved for using abusing language. One Team owner was abusing publically officials of MCA (Maharashtra Cricket Association) while other was with reporters. All these controversy started a new discussion “Is cricket really a gentleman game?”

In India, if something becomes very famous then politician involvement is very common and from there all the controversy started. When KKR won IPL-5(a new champion) then the way Westbangal government celebrated their win, for the sometime I was confused that whether they won IPL or World championship. When Westbangal govt. honored KKR team and their owner I thought that Westbangal is most productive state in our country. But when I came to know that “Westbangal is under a massive debt of 2Lakh core rupees”. I was really shocked. What is the need of spending public money on a private company named KKR who even does not belong to Kolkata?This money could have been spent on poor peoples who did not have enough food to eat 2 time. But this is where politics comes into play they know how to get into headline.
It was highly unfortunate that none of the political party dares to condemn Westbangal govt. act. They know if they do so then it could be change the political picture in centre. What can we expect from these politicians who say that “MCA officials behaved with SRK like this because he belongs from minority”?

But before blaming to anyone we have to blame to our self because we have chosen them. Its right time for “halla bol” we need to send good people to parliament rather than blaming others.

Jai Hind !

Author: Mr. Ashwani Kumar

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