List of Himachal Pradesh PWD Rest Houses in Kullu

HP PWD Rest House Jalori Pass Kullu

Kullu district of Himachal is the most visited district by tourists, there are many famous travel destination in Kullu, thousands of hotels are there in kullu valley upto Manali. There are heavy rush in summer season in Kullu valley, this beautiful valley attracting millions of tourists every years.

Below are the list of all HPPWD rest houses with details and booking contact of Kullu district.

Sr No.Rest House LocationBooking OfficeContact NumberEmail
1Circuit House KulluD.C. Kullu01902 –
2Circuit House ManaliD.C. Kullu01902 –
3RH KulluS.E. 6th Circle, Kullu01902 –
4Inspection Benglow at MohalS.E. 6th Circle, Kullu01902 –
5RH SojaS.E. 6th Circle, Kullu01902 –
6RH Camp ManaliS.E. 6th Circle, Kullu01902 –
7RH KothiS.E. 6th Circle, Kullu01902 –
8Inspection Benglow NagarS.E. 6th Circle, Kullu01902 –
9RH KatrainS.E. 6th Circle, Kullu01902 –
10RH BajauraE.E. Division Kullu-I01902 –
11RH BahuE.E. Division Kullu-I01902 –
11RH BanjarE.E. Division Kullu-I01902 –
12RH LarjiE.E. Division Kullu-I01902 –
13RH BathadE.E. Division Kullu-I01902 –
14RH GaragausianE.E. Division Kullu-I01902 –
15Vishram Kutir at ManikarnE.E. Division Kullu-I01902 –
16Field Hostel KulluE.E. Division Kullu-II01902 –
17RH MadiE.E. Division Kullu-II01902 –
18RH KaronE.E. Division Kullu-II01902 –
19RH NirmandE.E. Nirmand01904 –
20RH ArsuE.E. Nirmand01904 –
21RH AnniE.E. Nirmand01904 –
22RH KhanagE.E. Nirmand01904 –
23RH DalashE.E. Nirmand01904 –
24RH NeetherE.E. Nirmand01904 –

Information Source – HP PWD Dept


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