List of Himachal Pradesh PWD Rest Houses in Mandi

HP PWD Rest House Barot Mandi

Mandi district of Himachal has lots of un explored places to visit, scenic beauty of various places attracting lots of tourists, many less known destination of Mandi has great potentials which need to be explored.

Below are the list of all HPPWD rest houses with details and booking contact of Mandi district.

Sr No.Rest House LocationBooking OfficeContact NumberEmail
1RH Tarna MandiE.E. Mandi Division No-II01905 –
2RH Paddal MandiE.E. Mandi Division No-II01905 –
3RH Jail Road Mandi Class 3E.E. Mandi Division No-II01905 –
4RH KotliE.E. Mandi Division No-II01905 –
5RH Karkoh(Kotli)E.E. Mandi Division No-II01905 –
6RH Naina Devi Temple (Rewalsar)E.E. Mandi Division No-II01905 –
7RH SundernagarE.E. Sundernagar01907 –
8RH GoharE.E. Sundernagar01907 –
9RH ThunagE.E. Sundernagar01907 –
10RH BagsaidE.E. Sundernagar01907 –
11RH JanjehaliE.E. Sundernagar01907 –
12RH KarsogE.E. Karsog01907 –
13RH ChindiE.E. Karsog01907 –
14RH ChhatriE.E. Karsog01907 –
15RH PangnaE.E. Karsog01907 –
16RH ChowkiE.E. Karsog01907 –
17RH SarkaghatE.E. Sarkaghat01905 –
18RH BhamblaE.E. Sarkaghat01905 –
19RH DharampurE.E. Dharampur01905 –
20RH MarhiE.E. Dharampur01905 –
21RH SandholeE.E. Dharampur01905 –
22RH Joginder NagarE.E. Joginder Nagar01908 –
23RH BarotE.E. Padhar01905 –
24RH PandohE.E. Padhar01905 –
25RH PrasharE.E. Padhar01905 –

Information Source – HP PWD Dept