Kotli is a small town just 22 KM away from Mandi city. Kotli is a tehsil of Mandi Himachal Pradesh. Kotli and surrounding area is know as Tugal valley and has great importance. NH 70 from Mandi to Jalandhar is passing through here. Kotli has almost every facilities like Offices of sub tehsil ,IPH, HP PWD & Electricity Board, Schools, Post Office, Hospital, etc. Kotli is the important and main village of tungal valley

Kotli is also a Gram Panchayt. There are various temples in the surrounding vicinity e.g. janitri mata – distance kotli to janitri mata 14 km, Mahan dev- kotli to Mahan dev Mandir 14 km, jagad dev – kotli to 3 km jagad dev, Rachera dev- kotli to Rachera dev 2 km. Mahan dev is also known as bada dev.

Scope of Tourism: there are some places near Kotli like janitri dhar , rachera dev, where tourist can visit and enjoy the picnic, but due to unavailable infrastructure and hotels very few peoples visit here. PWD & Forest guest house are available for night stay at Kotli.

Most of the population here are literate and main occupation are agriculture, some peoples are in govt and private services.

Author: Amar Singh
Editor: Balwant Singh

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