Scope of Tourism in Mandi


Mandi District is situated in the central part of Himachal Pradesh. It has a rich culture and history represented by its temples which are a major tourists draw.
Mandi has numerous famous places to visit around i.e. Janjehli, Rewalsar, Prashar, Tattapni, Jogindernagar, Sundernagar, Barot and Chiddi. Rewalsar is famus for floating island Lake, Barot is a nice picnic spot. Tattapani has a natural sulphur spring which is pure and has curative power for various kings of bodily ailments. Janjehli is a paradise for hikers, offering treks up to a height of 3,300 meters.

Mandi with its beautiful surrounding areas, beautiful towns, charming and religious places like Prashar and Rewalsar is a good destination for tourists. Mandi is a gateway to Kullu and Manali ans so one can spend a day or two at Mandi. It has finest tourist places in Himachal Pradesh, but they need to exploration.

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