Bhalaridha Village Mandi HP


Factual information of Bhalaridha village

Village Name Bhalaridha
Post Office Sainthal
Tehsil Joginder Nagar
District Mandi
Pin Code 175032
Panchayat/Municipality Main Bharola
Subdivision Name Joginder Nagar
State Himachal Pradesh
Road Connectivity Yes
Distance from nearest Town(Main bus stand) 8 KM

Available facilities at Bhalaridha

  • Government Middle School
  • Primary Health Center
  • Lokmitra Information Center

Major attraction at Bhalaridha

  • Sharda Mata Temple Bharidha
  • Tarangadi Mahadev Temple
  • Rana Khadd

Where to stay?

  • Panchayat Bhawan, Bhalaridha

Brief information of village Bhalaridha

This village is situated beside Rana Khadd near Yora and Sainthal. It is part of Main Bharola gram panchayat. The word Bhalaridha consists of two words “Bhalla” means Watch or View and “Ridha” means Hill it was earlier known as Pipal Ka Behdoo. So this village is populated on a small hill surrounded by 3 water streams named Balohal, Sukkar & Bajgar khad. This village is connected with road leads to all directions of the valley from this village. There is Middle school and Sharda Mata Temple. This village is well cultivated and famous for all types of Ayurvadic Medicines. The population of this Village is about 850 persons.

Information provided by: Aadarsh Rathore


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