List of Himachal Pradesh PWD Rest Houses in Chamba

HP PWD Rest House Barot Mandi

Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most visited district by tourists. Chamba has many travel destinations like Dalhousie, Khajjiar and many others. No doubt there are many good accommodations in popular places but for those travellers who love to explore new places and doing hiking, trekking etc, always face difficulty to find rest houses or basic accommodation in such a places or nearby.

Below are the list of all HPPWD rest houses with details and booking contact of Chamba district.

Sr No.Rest House LocationBooking OfficeContact NumberEmail
1BharmourE.E. Bharmour01895 –
2HoliE.E. Bharmour01895 –
3DurgathiE.E. Bharmour01895 –
4RakhE.E. Bharmour01895 –
5ChhatrariE.E. Bharmour01895 –
6Circuit House ChambaD.C. Chamba01899 –
7Class-1 New R/H ChambaE.E. Chamba01899 –
8Class-1 Old R/H ChambaE.E. Chamba01899 –
9Class-3 R/H ChambaE.E. Chamba01899 –
10KalhelE.E. Chamba01899 –
11TissaE.E. Chamba01899 –
12BhanjrarooE.E. Chamba01899 –
13BairagarhE.E. Chamba01899 –
14Circuit House DalhousieD.C. Chamba01899 –
15DalhousieE.E. Dalhousie01899 –
16KhajjiarE.E. Dalhousie01899 –
17BanikhetE.E. Dalhousie01899 –
18BathriE.E. Dalhousie01899 –
19DhundiaraE.E. Dalhousie01899 –
20KakiraE.E. Dalhousie01899 –
21ChowariE.E. Dalhousie01899 – 240618,
22SihuntaE.E. Dalhousie01899 –
23SalooniE.E. Salooni01896 –
24KiharE.E. Salooni01896 –
25BhandalE.E. Salooni01896 –
26SundlaE.E. Salooni01896 –
27LangeraE.E. Salooni01896 –
28MasrondE.E. Salooni01896 –
29ChaklooE.E. Salooni01896 –
30KillarE.E. Killar (Pangi)01897 –
31SachE.E. Killar (Pangi)01897 –
32Cherry BanglowE.E. Killar (Pangi)01897 –
33Cherry BanglowE.E. Killar (Pangi)01897 –

Information Source – HP PWD Dept