Choti Kashi- Mandi

District Mandi is situated in the middle part of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is also Know as "DEV BHUMI ". In Mandi has many temples and most of them are famous all over world....
Pahari Singer Vineet Thakur

Mandyali Folk Songs by Vineet

Here are the list of folk songs by Mandyali singers 'Vineet Thakur' from Sarkaghat. There are very few singers, who are working to regenerate the spirit of Mandyali culture and folk singing, Vineet is...

Himachali Music

We invite all the artist to use our service to showcase their talent and make alive the Himachali Song once again, we will do our best to promote Singers/Songs/writers/Bands/actors.  

Sair Festival

The centuries old Sair festival is celebrated mainly in Shimla, Mandi, Kullu and Solan districts every year in mid-September. It is celebrated to mark the end of the crop harvest and also the rakhi thread...

History of Mandi District

The present District Of Mandi was formed with the merger of two princely states Mandi and Suket on 15th April 1948, when the State of Himachal Pradesh came into existence. Ever since the formation...

Temples in Mandi

Madho Rai temple: The Madho Rai temple of Mandi which is dedicated to Lord Krishna was the presiding deity of the previous Mandi State. In this image of the Madho Rai (Krishna) has been...

Tebani Mahadev Karsog

Lord Tebani Mahadeva situated in Karsog division of Mandi District, Teban is 40 KM from Karsog on the way toward Rampur. Lord Tebani Mahadeva is one of the religious epitome among peoples of Karsog...


RELIGIOUS BELIEFS Similar to the other districts of the state, religion plays an important role in every one's life. People here are have a strong belief in God and religion regultes the actions in almost...

Culture of Himachal

The people of Himachal Pradesh have a rich culture which is very much apparent in their day to day lives. The colorful dresses of Himachalis will strike you instantly as you make your way...

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