Factual information of Kehnwal village

Village Name Kehnwal
Post Office Tilli
Tehsil Sadar Mandi
District Mandi
Pin Code 175001
Panchayat/Municipality Tilli(Kehnwal)
Subdivision Name Sadar Mandi
State Himachal Pradesh
Road Connectivity Yes
Distance from nearest Town(Main bus stand) 11 KM

Available facilities at Kehnwal

  • Govt ss school Kehnwal
  • Govt middle school Manyana
  • Two private schools
  • PNB Bank and ATM at Tilli

Major attraction at Kehnwal

  • Mata Baglamukhi Temple at Chhanwari
  • A fair is organized at temple ever year.

Where to stay?

  • No information

Brief information of village Kehnwal

Kehnwal is mohal which is having 7 wards. It is very near to mandi town. It is having very good climate in summer as it not that much hot wind blows in day and night time and in winter all the time fog does not come here all the day sun spread his heat here. This is ideal place to live here.

Mata Baglamukhi Temple at Chhanwari.very prime location having about 14 biga land. This area having very good temple sarai for marriage and other functions arrangements at very low cost, also having night stay arrangement for people in temple area.n having big playground . A fair is organized at this temple on the occation of mata rani jayanti (birth day) which comes in the month of April and fair is held on 24-25 of April.

Information provided by: Rakesh Kumar

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