HP General Knowledge MCQ Part-1


Q 1. Bandli sanctuary located in—
(A) Una
(B) Mandi
(C) kullu
(D) None

Q 2. What are the total No. of Panchayat in Shimla district?
(A) 330
(B) 331
(C) 333
(D) 309

Q 3. Moti Mahal located at—
(A) Nahan
(B) Una
(C) Mandi
(D) Shimla

Q 4. How many Panchayts Samitis are there in Una district —
(A) 2
(B) 103
(C) 5
(D) None of the above

Q 5. The book ‘History of Mandi State’ is writhen by—
(A) Manmohan Singh
(B) A.K. Kaushal
(C) A.K. Randhawa
(D) None

Q 6. Which is birth place of Virbhadra Singh?
(A) Hamirpur
(B) Sarahan
(C) Mehatpur
(D) Samirpur

Q 7. How many DIETS are there in H.P.?
(A) 13
(B) 12
(C) 11
(D) 19

Q 8. Pathankot to Mandi is a NH of No.—
(A) 21
(B) 20
(C) 23
(D) 88

Q 9. Tirthan Sanctury is located—
(A) Shimla
(B) Kullu
(C) Bilaspur
(D) Solan

Q 10. Who built Gouari Shanker Temple in Chamba ?
(A) Bataloo
(B) Meru Verma
(C) Yuzankar Verma
(D) None

Q 11. Who built Hidimba Temple in Manali?
(A) RB Singh
(B) RS Singh
(C) R.N. Singh
(D) None

Q 12. How many district are in H.P.?
(A) 13
(B) 14
(C) 12
(D) 19

Q 13. Who is district head of Medical Services?
(D) None

Q 14. Who is district head of Police?
(C) SP
(D) None

Q 15. Who is Officer In-charge of Headquarter?
(A) IG
(D) None

Q 16. Shri Naina Devi Ji is a Sub-Tehsile of Which district?
(A) Bilaspur
(B) Mandi
(C) Shimla
(D) Sirmaur

Q 17. Battle of Haloti fought in which year?
(A) 1650 AD
(B) 1670 AD
(C) 1690 AD
(D) None

Q 18. Who is Founder of Chamba State?
(A) Veer Sen
(B) Karan Chand
(C) Hati Chand
(D) Merut

Q 19. Who is founder of Jubbel ?
(A) Karam Singh
(B) Karan Chand
(C) Bijay Sen
(D) None

Q 20. Dr. Y.S. Parmar University was established in—
(A) 1980
(B) 1985
(C) 1987
(D) None

Q 21. Dr. Y.S. Parmar University located in H.P.—
(A) Shimla
(B) Nauni
(C) Sundenagar
(D) Nalagarh

Q1 = (B) | Q2 = (B) | Q3 = (A) | Q4 = (D) | Q5 = (A) | Q6 = (B) | Q7 = (B) | Q8 = (B) | Q9 = (B) | Q10 = (C) | Q11 = (A) | Q12 = (C) | Q13 = (B) | Q14 = (C) | Q15 = (A) | Q16 = (A) | Q17 = (B) | Q18 = (D) | Q19 = (B) | Q20 = (B) | Q21 = (B)

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