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HP GK – Lakes of Himachal Pradesh

Rewalsar Lake Mandi

Himachal Pradesh has many lakes, there are also some man made lakes in Himachal. Below is the list of all lakes of Himachal Pradesh.

Sr No. Lake Type Surface Elevation District
1 Gobind Sagar Lake* Artificial 650m Bilaspur
2 Chamera Lake Artificial 763m Chamba
3 Pong Dam Artificial 436m Kangra
4 Pandoh Dam Artificial 900m Mandi
5 Largi Dam Artificial 1200m Mandi
6 Kol Dam Artificial Bilaspur,Mandi
7 Renuka Lake* Natural 672m Sirmaur
8 Macchial Lake Natural 850m Mandi
9 Dal Lake Natural 1775m Kangra
10 Khajjiar Lake Natural 1920m Chamba
11 Rewalsar Lake Natural 1360m Mandi
12 Prashar Lake Natural 2730m Mandi
13 Kamrunag Lake Natural 3034m Mandi
14 Nako Lake Natural 3662m Kinnaur
15 Dehnasar Lake Natural 4280m Kangra
16 Chandra Taal Lake Natural 4250m Lahul & Spiti
17 Suraj Taal Lake* Natural 4883m Lahul & Spiti
18 Dhankar Lake Natural 4360m Lahul & Spiti
19 Dashair Lake Natural 4270m Kullu, Lahul & Spiti
20 Bhrigu Lake Natural 4235m Kullu
21 Manimahesh Lake Natural 4190m Chamba
22 Ghadhasaru Lake Natural 3470m Chamba
23 Mahakali Lake Natural 4080m Chamba
24 Lama Dal Lake Natural 3960m Chamba
25 Chander Naun Lake Natural 4260m Shimla
26 Kareri Lake Natural 2934m Kangra
27 Tani Jubbar Lake Natural 2620m Shimla
28 Kunt bhyog Lake Natural 1830m Mandi
29 Serolsar Lake Natural 3199m Kullu

* Govind Sagar Dam is the largest man made lake of Himachal Pradesh
* Renuka Lake is largest natural lake of Himachal Pradesh.
* Suraj Tal Lake is highest lake of Himachal Pradesh.


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