Auto Rickshaw Govt Fare Mandi Town


Below are the auto rickshaw rates fixed by DM in Mandi Town w.e.f. Nov 2013:

*Please note that additional 25% night charges will applicable between 10.00 PM to 5.00 A.M.


Sr. No.Name of stationToDistanceRate Fixed
1.Bus StandZonal Hospital (Both gates)3.00 Km33
2.Bus StandChobata Bazar1.50 Km23
3.Bus StandSamkhetar2.00 Km30
4.Bus StandLower Samkhetar2.30 Km31
5.Bus StandVictoria Bridge3.00 Km33
6.Bus StandKhaliar (upto Jawahar Statue)3.750Km40
7.Bus StandPurani Mandi Via Bhiuli2.30 Km31
8.Bus StandMangwain (upto Kanhwal road)1.50Km23
9.Bus StandMangwain (Petrol Pump + Pulgharat)2.30Km31
10.Bus StandVisco Resort4.00Km40
11.Bus StandBhiuli Vipasha Sadan (Pipal Chowk)1.00Km15
12.Bus StandBindrabani Check Post3.50Km40
13.Bus StandJail Road upto Mandir & D.C. office colony1.75Km30
14.Bus StandChief Engineer PWD Office and Zila Parishad Office3.00Km40
15.Bus StandTarna Mandir2.75Km60
16.Bus StandSauli Khad2.00Km30
17.Bus StandBDO Office & Housing Colony2.00Km30
18.Bus StandTreasury Office2.00Km40
19.Bus StandRTO Office2.750Krn33
20.Bus StandNew Sabzi Mandi2.750Km50
23.Chohata BazarKhaliar up to DAV School2.00Km30
24.Chohata BazarJail Road up to Mandir & D.C. Office Colony2.15Km31
25.Chohata BazarSamkhetar0.750Km15
26.Chohata BazarChief Engineer PWD Office & Zila Parishad Office2.750Km33
27.Chohata BazarTarna Mandir2.50Km40
28.Chohata BazarMangwain up to Tehsil Office1.70Km26
29.Chohata BazarMangwain Petrol Pump &Pulgharat2.75Km40
30.Chohata BazarVisco Resort4.25Km50
31.Chohata BazarSabzi Mandi3.50Km50
32.Chohata BazarKendriya Vidyala Khaliar2.00Km30
33.Chohata BazarRadha Soami (Chhipnu Pipal)2.50Km32
34.Chohata BazarTriloki Nath Temple/Victoria Bridge1.50Km23
35.Chohata BazarMangwain up to Kenhwal Road2.20Km31
36.Chohata BazarTreasury Office1.00Km20
37.Chohata BazarCircuit House1.50Km23
38.Chohata BazarChief Engineer IPH Office2.50km32
39.Chohata BazarBhiuli Via Bus Stand2.00Km30
40.Chohata BazarRTO Office3.75Km40
41.Chohata BazarMahunag Mandir3.00Km50
42.Victoria BridgeZonal Hospital (Both Gate2.50Km32
43.Victoria BridgeBhiuli up to Beas Sadan3.00Km33
44.Victoria BridgeHappy Service Station (Purani Mandi1.00Km15
45.Victoria BridgeDAV School (Khaliar)1.50Km23
46.Victoria BridgeCentral School & KhaliarJawahar Statue1.00Km15
47.MangwainZonal Hospital (Both gate) .3.00Km33
Jail Road up to Mandir & DC Office Colony1.75Km28
Chief Engineer PWD office and Zila Parishad Office2.25Km31
Ganpati Mandir2.00Km30
Mat Tower2.50Km32
Chohata Bazar1.00Km15
53.School Bazar/Sakodi BridgeZonal Hospital (Both Gates)1.00Km15
54.Zonal HospitalPurani Mandl up to Tharu Forest Office3.25Km40


Please let us know @ or @ comment below if the rates are different.


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