Need of Quality Education


Mandi District has many very goods schools and facilities but the actual needs of today is to innovate and educate peoples of tomorrow in a way they will compete in this challenging world. In the recent years many new schools are opened in the pariferry of Mandi, all of them tried to convince parents that they will nurture their kids in a way that will bring bright future.

The trouble behind this scenario is the extra stress and pain rise in students to get good marks. Teaching Faculty in majority of schools are not as much intelligent or talented to accelerate a weak student ! Its the student who actually produce the good academic results due to parental and teacher pressure not always because of teaching faculties. But As per my knowledge marks does not make things better always.

Management of educational institutes these day use their institution for making money, they little care about future of our nation. As per my discussion with many faculties of more then 20 institutions and industrial professional and the actual students of Mandi, Sundernagar and Nerchowk— the following data evolved :-

1. Management of education institutes always tired to get cheaper faculties.
2. Skills are compromise for salary.
3. Experience and past records does’t consider.
4. Highly skilled professional always avoid teaching jobs one reason is low salary e.g. An IT engineer of Industries will get more then 2.5 Lacs per annul as compare to IT College Lecturer who will get below 2.0 Lacs per annul (Where is the School ?).

Need of today for nurturing student in a way that bring his confidence and talent improvement by improving teaching quality via special training for teachers.

All the contents of above story are my personal view and analysis.

Author :- Unknown from Sundernagar Mandi Himachal Pradesh.

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