List of Himachal Pradesh PWD Rest Houses in Kinnaur

HP PWD Rest House Sangla Kinnaur

Kinnaur district of Himachal has very few privately owned hotels, most of the times tourists need information of govt accommodation like hotels, rest houses. The landscape of Kinnaur is phenomenal, high mountains steep valleys and dangerous roads challenge every travel here. The old Hindustan Tibbet National highway passed through Kinnaur and this road is considered one of the world treacherous road having deep gorges, falling rocks and unpredictable weather.

Below are the list of all HPPWD rest houses with details and booking contact of Kinnaur district.

Sr No.Rest House LocationBooking OfficeContact NumberEmail
1ChitkulE.E. Karchham, BhawaNagar (Ponda)01786 –
2RakchhamE.E. Karchham, BhawaNagar (Ponda)01786 –
3SanglaE.E. Karchham, BhawaNagar (Ponda)01786 –
4UrniE.E. Karchham, BhawaNagar (Ponda)01786 –
5TapriE.E. Karchham, BhawaNagar (Ponda)01786 –
6PondaE.E. Karchham, BhawaNagar (Ponda)01786 –
7Circuit House KalpaD.C. Kinnaur at Rekong Peo01786 –
8RH Recong-PeoD.C. & AC Kinnaur01786 – 222252,
9KalpaE.E. kalpa01786 –
10RoghiE.E. kalpa01786 –
11JangiE.E. kalpa01786 –
12RarangE.E. kalpa01786 –
13RibbaE.E. kalpa01786 –
14MoorangE.E. kalpa01786 –
15KanamE.E. kalpa01786 –
16PoohE.E. kalpa01786 –
17YangthangE.E. kalpa01786 –
18NamgiaE.E. kalpa01786 –

Information Source – HP PWD Dept