List of Himachal Pradesh PWD Rest Houses in Shimla

HP PWD Rest House Shimla

Below are the list of all HPPWD rest houses with details and booking contact of Shimla district.

Sr No.Rest House LocationBooking OfficeContact NumberEmail
1Circuit House TheogE.E. Theog01783 –
2Circuit House RohruSDM Rohru01781 –
3Circuit House RampurE.E. Rampur01782 –
4Circuit House SarahanE.E. Rampur01782 –
5RH RampurE.E. Rampur01782 –
6RH GauraE.E. Rampur01782 –
7RH NirathE.E. Rampur01782 –
8RH Sarahan (Gharat)E.E. Rampur01782 –
9RH DaranghatiE.E. Rampur01782 –
10RH Jeori(New)E.E. Rampur01782 –
11RH Jeori(Old)E.E. Rampur01782 –
12RH BahliE.E. Rampur01782 –
13RH NankhariE.E. Rampur01782 –
14RH Tara DeviE.E. Rural Division Dhami0177 –
15RH JalogE.E. Rural Division Dhami0177 –
16RH SuniE.E. Rural Division Dhami0177 –
17RH Shimla (Near Raj Bhawan)Shimla Divn. No.III, Booking by G.A.D. (H.P. Sectt. Shimla-2)0177 –
18RH TheogE.E. Theog01783 –
19RH FaguE.E. Theog01783 –
20RH MatianaE.E. Theog01783 –
21RH SainjE.E. Theog01783 –
22RH DehaE.E. Theog01783 –
23RH NerwaE.E. Chopal01783 –
24RH ChopalE.E. Chopal01783 –
25RH KupviE.E. Chopal01783 –
26RH RohruE.E. Rohru01781 –
27RH SungriE.E. Rohru01781 –
28RH TikkarE.E. Rohru01781 –
29RH BagiE.E. Rohru01781 –
30RH KhadralaE.E. Rohru01781 –
31RH HatkotiE.E. Jubbal01781 –
32RH PandranooE.E. Jubbal01781 –
33RH BholarE.E. Jubbal01781 –
34RH MandalE.E. Jubbal01781 –
35RH JubbalE.E. Jubbal01781 –
36RH Khara PatherE.E. Jubbal01781 –
37RH KotkhaiE.E. Jubbal01781 –
38RH MandholE.E. Jubbal01781 –
39RH KalbogE.E. Jubbal01781 –
40RH NarkandaE.E. Kumarsain01782 –
41RH KumarsainE.E. Kumarsain01782 –
42RH ThanedharE.E. Kumarsain01782 –
43RH LuriE.E. Kumarsain01782 –
44RH BaragaonE.E. Kumarsain01782 –

Information Source – HP PWD Dept