Saroa: A hidden Himalayan Jewel and picnic hot-spot!!!
Saroa is a beautiful place near Chail Chowk at a distance of 15 KM from here and 45 KM from Mandi at an altitude of 2230 meter above sea level on mountain ridge. Saroa offers unique view of Bahl valley and various ranges of Himalayas on clear day. There is a Temple and a small ground on the ridge, Saroa is ideal place of day out picnic.

saroa Chail chowk Mandi
Saroa is a start point of trek en-route to Kamrunag Lake which is about 8 KM from here through forest, various wildlife may be encounter between the route so be careful. There are no facilities here as saroa is completely un-touched by frequent traveler even though some locals of Mandi district and nearby places visit the Saroa for worshiping at the temple.

Apple orchards and hill farming can be seen along the road till Saroa, even though road condition is good, it is uphill and narrow with sharp curve at various places. The other important village on the way is Kutahachi which is 5KM back from Saroa.

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Map Location:

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Saroa is situated on the top of mountain at an height more than 2200 meter it has windy most of the time with cool climate all over the year. Winter is very cold and heavy woolen required, temperature may drop below freezing point in winter with snow fall in the month of December and January. Best time to visit is summer with clear weather to witness the panoramic view from Saroa. Kindly avoid Rainy season.

There is no accommodation available here at Saroa, only a temple and a temporary shop, so better to stay at Chail Chowk, Mandi, Sundernagar. Camping might be another option but be careful of wild animal and non availability of food. Chail Chowk has good accommodation.

Food: Indian, Chinese and other foods are readily available at Various Dhabas and restaurant only at Chail chowk which is 15 Km from Saroa.

Adventure Activities:

As Saroa is hidden so as for now, no known adventure activities has done yet here but good scope of camping, biking, cycling, and trekking, hope in future Saroa attract adventurer.

By Road
Saroa is connected to road from Chail Chowk, road condition is good and offer adventurous journey of 15 KM forest. No known bus route available at the moment to Saroa but taxis can be hired from Chail Chowk or Mandi.

Distance from Major Places :

  • Delhi To Saroa: 456Km
  • Chandigarh To Saroa: 206 Km
  • Manali To Saroa: 136 Km
  • Shimla To Saroa: 150 Km
  • Mandi To Saroa: 46 KM
  • Sundernagar to Saroa: 40 Km
  • Chail Chowk To Saroa: 15 KM

Nearby Attractions:

Mandi town: Mandi itself is a beautiful town with rich Pahari culture also known as chotti kashi. See details here.

Prashar Lake: The lake is situated at an avg. height of 2730m (8,960 ft) in the lap of mountains. The deep blue lake lies in a saucer shaped valley and is surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

Rewalsar Lake: Also known as Tso Pema Lotus Lake, is located @ 22.5 km south-west from Mandi. It is held as a sacred spot for Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists alike.

Barot : A nice picnic spot situated at a distance of 33 km. from Mandi on the Mandi – Pathankot Highway. It is famous for trout fishing and a ropeway that attracts the tourist.

Pandoh Dam: Just 16-km away from Mandi is Pandoh Dam.

Karsog: Situated at a distance of 125 km from Mandi and is also accessible from Shimla (100 km) via Tattapani. The place Tattapani is famous for hot water springs on the side of Satluj river.

Karsog is famous for its temples, including the Mamleshwar Mahadev, Kamksha Devi and Mahunag temples. It is full of scenic beauty and abundance of apple orchards. The natural surroundings are regarded as beautiful, with green forests and a pollution-free environment.

Janjehali: Hiker’s Heaven, Enchanting Paradise and Unexplored wonder of Himalayas.
Shikhari Devi: 15-km from Janjheli is situated the ancient temple of Shikhra Devi and is surrounded by some marvellous landscapes.

Chindi : This little hamlet in an apple growing area is blessed with breathtaking beauty. There are numerous small temples of considerable antiquity not too far away.

Kamrunag :Kamrunag is mostly famous because of local deity temple which is main deity of Mandi district,The temple of Kamrunag situated at the top of mountain ridge of Kamru valley



  • Book the hotel/guest houses on prior basis from the above mentioned numbers as the room might not be available due to many visitors or peak season (Apr – Aug approx).
  • In winters there might be scarcity of water due to broken water pipes owing to freezing temperature, so carry some potable water bottles along with you.
  • Fill your fuel tanks with enough petrol @ NH, as there is no petrol pump in the hilly region.
  • While visiting the hilly areas, please pack warm clothes & carry the first aid kit.


A request- Please do not litter at this place and let others enjoy the Mother Nature as you did.